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Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm Pam Baggot, a Volunteer and PPI member of the Nottingham Lung Infection Research Group.

How it all began … Whilst as a pneumonia patient in 2016, I was invited to join the Nottingham Lung Infection Research PPI group by Debbie Ashton, the team's Clinical Research Nurse and PPI Co-ordinator (a really friendly face just when you needed it).

For me, it was a chance to better understand the condition, share my experiences with the Research Team and meet others with similar stories to tell. At my first meeting, I was warmly welcomed by the PPI group members and the researchers; the discussions that followed were lively and informative.

Exciting Times! … During a meeting in November of the same year, Dr. Harry Pick introduced details about the following study:

'An exploratory study into the recovery in adult patients following hospitalisation for Community acquired pneumonia'.

During this PPI meeting and those that followed, we discussed issues such as inclusion criteria and whether the proposed tests would be acceptable and tolerable by recovering patients. We also addressed the recruitment process, time frames and practicalities for the research participants - attending hospital appointments, travel and expenses. All of which assisted in shaping the research protocol.

I was excited by the study and the impact it could have on recovering pneumonia patients (and personally, as a patient, I would have found the support invaluable).

Debbie asked me to take on the role of co-applicant for the study and I was happy to accept. To date I've helped with reviewing the research protocol, writing the plain English summaries, participant information sheets and research consent forms. My time commitment so far in being a co-applicant equates to 3 or 4 evenings as some of the research documents needed more time to digest than others. However, the research team are readily available to assist and answer any queries even during evenings and at the weekend.

Final hurdle … Now with research protocol and documents completed and submitted, we are hoping for positive feedback when we meet with the Ethics Committee next week.

Fingers crossed and watch out for an update …........!

#Research #PPI #Pneumonia #CAP #recovery

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