Pneumonia Cloud Wall

Patients share their pneumonia recovery experience on our Cloud Wall

Caren 31 - I'm a strong swimmer but the first time I swam after coming home from hospital I only managed 5 lengths and I was gasping for breath just trying to fill my lungs -  3 weeks after discharge

Dean 73 - I'm still bringing a little bit  of goo up, I still get a bit out of breath - 2 weeks after discharge

Barbara 74 - I'm now nearly back to normal, but I still "hit the wall" I loose colour and get very tired my husband tells me to stop and sit down - 6 weeks after discharge 

Jean 67 - Before my pneumonia I would walk my dog three times a day about 10 mins each time - the first time I tried didn't get very far and had to sit on a wall my neighbour is walking her at the moment -2 weeks after discharge

Cat 32 - I still feel really tired a lot of the time I’ll start doing something and then get halfway through it and I’ll be like, “Phew, no, I’m really tired now”. I was like, “Yeah, I’ll go for a walk into town, bad idea. I managed to make it into town and I thought, ‘How am I going to get back out?” - 2 weeks after discharge

Jo 59 - I usually have my granchild once a week but I've had to say no, I'm too tired - 2weeks after discharge

Jean 67 - Walking my dog now twice a day just around the block (5 mins) still a bit out of puff, but getting there -  8 weeks after discharge

Dan 30 -Still have chest pain, it catches when I cough or sneeze - 8 weeks post discharge

Margery 72 - It did seem to take a long time, but the Doctor did say I would be 'wiped out' so I didn't worry. I knew I was improving when I was back to gardening and flower arranging - 12 weeks after discharge

Nigel - After three months I could feel the periods between feeling tired getting longer and their intensity was less. 

After 6 months I could complete my regular exercise programme (HIIT) to pre pneumonia levels - 6 months after discharge

Stuart - First noticed i was returning to normal health when my shortness of breath had improved and my appetite was returning. I was experiencing less coughing and becoming stronger. Fever had gone and also the mucus was far less and breathing better - 6 weeks after discharge

Denise 65 - I knew I was recovering when I felt less tired and my brain less "muddled". I felt able to socialise more as I regained some of the confidence that I lost due to the "brain fog" . After 3 weeks I felt able to start to do the things I'd done before albeit for short periods of time. I didn't appreciate at first how tired I would feel -  3 weeks after discharge

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