About Us

This website is maintained by the Acute Respiratory Infections Team at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Nottingham.

Through this website, we hope to:
  • Provide information and support to adults with pneumonia and their families;

  • Educate healthcare professionals;

  • Undertake research to better understand pneumonia and improve patient outcomes.

The Acute Respiratory Infections Team is comprised of doctors and nurses, all have first hand, front line clinical expertise in the management of pneumonia.

Our research focus is to improve the patient journey, by working on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of Community Acquired Pneumonia in partnership with universities, hospitals, primary care settings and commercial companies both in the UK and overseas.


Working alongside us is a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and hardworking patient public involvement (PPI) volunteer team many of whom have undergone the pneumonia journey.

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